Ensure the safety of your power grid

Scale up safety analysis with Grid Oracle's AI and advanced grid modelling:

  • Identify ground clearance violations
  • Prioritise vegetation management
  • Predict flashover risk

Increase the capacity of your existing network

Bringing clean power to consumers is already pushing the grid to its limits. AI helps optimise the existing grid:

  • Find cost-effective upgrades
  • Determine accurate static ratings
  • Implement Dynamic Line Ratings across the entire network without additional hardware

Our mission is to accelerate clean energy

Markus Lippus
Chief Data Scientist
Has built over 100 machine learning solutions as cofounder of Mind Titan, an agency.
Georg Rute
Chief Executive Officer
Over 10 years in energy, including as founder of Sympower, a demand response aggregator.
+372 5699 6942

Henri Manninen
Chief Technology Officer
PhD in transmission overhead lines and grid digitalisation team lead at Elering, a TSO.